January 01, 2009

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just passing by said...

stumbled across this blog looking for something else, stopped, had a peek, it's crazy, try it out, releases the boredom....



Why Convert 2 Islam? said...

Try Me

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, it's about guns, weapons, and suck.
Strictly pictures and videos.
Daily posting.

Try it out
Daily Gun Pictures

Anonymous said...

don't bother with this blog, he blocks anything that doesn't agree with his point of view.


he blocked me...

uses a filter for postings, whereby he must review and approve the post before it goes up.
obviously the idiot doesn't understand the purpose of a blog

Moving to Arizona said...

Come visit this blog, some new things have been added, which include...
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I like this Blog, it is prett neutral.

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Moving to Arizona said...

Try this blog out, I did and I got a NEW job today.

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Following A Google Blog said...

This guy entices people to follow his blog, building his blog followers and making his blog look important and benefiting him for search engines, however, after a while, he drops you as one of his followers but you continue to follow his blog - WTF ??

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The Daily Gun Picture said...

Please come and visit my BLOG -
It's different, it will make you think.
Daily Picture Images or Videos of Guns and Weapons from around the world, old and new.

Daily Gun Pictures

The Patton Doctrine said...

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Bad Barbie said...

A dirty little blog about Barbie...
come spank Barbie,
Barbie is a slut, she's been bad...


The Daily Q.A. said...

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The Daily QA

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Sex Toy Types said...

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Leon Basin said...


What a great blog! Thanks

Gerald L. Grimmes, Canton Ohio said...

try this blog.

So You Want to Move to Arizona

Quite interesting with lots of information about a state that predominantly has warm weather and many people would like to move...
This may make you think differently.

Anonymous said...

A total waste of space. Once a week foto of a woman in panties. She also wants to sell them.

Richard said...

Worth visiting. Loaded with great cartoons(on the sexual side).

My 2 Cents said...

This blogger is a troll and uses 4 different alias' when he comments on a blog. It's rather hard to respect someone that feels the need to make up different identities to back up what he says and all the IP addresses are the same. Does he think I'm stupid? What a joke!


The Guy From America said...

Are you concerned about the environment?
Do want America to go GREEN?

Visit my Blog, it discusses simple ways that are NOT costly that can get us there now!

No Nonsense Green

The Real World Voice said...

Meet a real jackass blogger.
This idiot post to your blog, but he says NOTHING!
It's just a link to his stupid blog, which he blocks all comments unless he personally approves them.
This is so other legitimate bloggers get sucked into following his blog, which he will not in turn follow their blog.
Don't be suckered by this fool.
If you are following him, check his blog, you will se you are most likely not on his follow list.

Who is this morn you ask?
Blog Title:
Voice of Conservative America
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Don't waste your time or bother with this guy, he's a loser!

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R2K said...

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Big Plain V said...

I don't understand this, but I'll give it a try.

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R2K said...

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Crap still = CRAP !!! said...

There isn't any other word for this Crap, but Crap!!!