October 07, 2007

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A Serious Blog Poster said...

Alternate 4 CraigsList
URL ; http://www.alternate4craigslist.blogspot.com/

Love it, wish more people would use it.

Stinky said...

Just got an email from a fellow Blogger about this NEW Blog.

Nothing to rate yet, but will post something later.
Thanks for the opportunity to rate others who suck up space with worthless blogs and endless babble.

Red Dragon, Singapore said...

This is a funny Blog, depicts a bunch of useless twits called bumiputra malay muslims for what they are, con artist and racist.


Should Be Open Season said...

Bad Blog, bad !!!
Here is a piece of stone cold garbage trying to depict Realtors as something good when we all know they are slime dirt bag scum.


Shut These Down said...

Google, clean these up - Bad Blog -
Do Nothing Blogs annoy me.
Here is one that was started in October 2000 and nothing ever posted, and the creator's profile has no info.

Iraq Veteran said...

Interesting, a good place to vent, rant about the evils of business and government - I like this BLOG:


Used It I Have said...

Great Blog -
The Daily Question and Answer

Just ask the Professor a question on any subject.

Anonymous said...

BAD Blog that is worthless and a piece of shit -


More useless Arabic bullshit.

Blog Away said...

GREAT BLOG - The Daily Insult


Daily Insults, I love this blog. Insult someone, get new insults to use. Some great shit here.

blog / net surfing said...

Bad Bad BLOG - called 'Nothing'
url ...

stupid lame shit by a stupid dumb ass.

Butter Better said...

Hey just went there and posted a comment about Ann Coulter, I agree that is ONE GREAT BLOG ...

Alternate 4 CraigsList

URL- -

x-Marine said...

On Point, Good Discussion Forum. Great Thread.
A Call 2 Arms -
America versus Islam, what happens if America is attacked agian?


Read it, post to it, get ready ... the Muslims are coming again, maybe to your neighborhood, school, church, or town.

screw this said...

The following Blog sucks.
Eating Pussy

It is a waste of human skin.
Went there thinking it would be worth visiting, what a disappointment - no pics, nothing about pussy, dead like its creator.

Having Fun said...

NEW Blog but looks interesting.

The Daily Drunk Image (Picture)


Where are the Cameltoes? said...

A Stupid Blog, another so-called dummy Blog, not about the subject at all ....
blog name:
Cameltoe Pics

Blog Rating = Bad
No pics, a waste of time - dont go there !!!!!!!!

Where are the Cameltoes? said...

Skunked Again ....
blog name:
none - a blank screen

Blog Rating = Extremely Bad, totally worthless

No pics, a waste of time - dont go there - just a dumb blank screen created by a totally dumb ass - come on Google, what the hell is going on, take these Blogs down, stop wasting Internet space and surfer time !!!!!!!!

Where are the Cameltoes? said...

WTF is this ?????? Talk about shit happening ....
blog name:
CamelToe Golf & Country Club

Blog Rating = Bad

Comments -
Who gives a flying pigs turd about some stupid worthless golf club? Not even any pics of lady golfers with camel toes. Another waste of time and Internet space.

Where are the Cameltoes? said...

Huh, the Internet is full of flap flipping useless twit losers ....
blog name:
My Camel Toes and Other Stoopid Adventures

Blog Rating = Worst than Bad, totally pathetic!

Comments -
No pics, No images, just rambling mindless babble, dont waste your time on this Blog.

Cindy in NYC said...

I guess you want me to follow other peoples format ....

blog name:
Thoughts of a crazy redhead


Blog Rating = Just Ok

Comments - Typical Blog some interesting comments

Jim in San Diego said...

blog name:
The Daily Drunk Picture Images
url -
Blog Rating = Simply Great
Comments -
Some real funny pictures

Hate Dumb Ass Bloggers said...

More wasted BLOG space by non users -
Google, clean these up - Bad Blog -
Do Nothing Blogs annoy me.
Here is TWO that were started in MAY 2001 by the same moron and nothing ever posted, and the creator's profile has no info.


Rating : Bad, useless, set it on fire - but get rid of it

Crap still = CRAP !!! said...

BLOG Name:
Daily Cartoons
Blog Rating = BAD - Yes, I said Bad!
Comments -
Most of the cartoons will not open (display), no site (blog) maintenance and almost everything is NOT in English. Waste of human skin.

Out West said...

The New Boston Tea Party
The Blog is quite Ok - political in nature but some good comments and some interesting pictures.
I would recommend it.

Get Off MY World Wide Web said...

Here's a worthless BLOG ......
Noahs Ark
Created December 2001

Google you people are blind as a bat. Again another worthless ass piece of shit BLOG that was created with no post and pictures.
What a waste of time !!


Post 2 It, Support It said...

Deport The Illegals ...

A Real Man said...

Now This Is A GREAT Blog, visit it, someone has all ready complained about the content, just bypass the warning and go straight to the pictures, they are worth it.

Camel Toes

My favotite adult pics are camel toes.
Stupid soccer mom religious types - get off the internet.

Worth A Look said...

With all the stupid flaggers (flagging post) on CL RnR Boards, I have found this Blog to be a refreshing experience.

Alternate For CraigsList


Try it, I think you will like it, I did, I do ...

Blog Title Calls It said...

I hate formats, but in this case, it works well for this ...

BLOG Name:
All Realtors Suck
Blog Rating = Excellent - Very Well Done!
Comments - Highly recommend this BLOG.
Visit it, comment on it, lots of stuff about the Housing Industry, Real Estate, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, etc.

RFLMAO said...

BLOG Name:
Funny Dog Stories
Blog Rating = Very Funny
Comments - Even if you dont own a dog these postings about real life experiences with a dog are funny.

Note: Found this link on CL NYC RnR Board today.

Red Sox Rule said...

Pretty Good Blog

The Boston Sports Scene

a blog surfer said...

A worthless BLOG, seems it was created by scum dwarf of an ugly bitch in Malaysia, but WTF do you expect from a Muslim .......


Horrible, very anti white, very anti American, very pro Islam.
Ramblings of a distrurbed female mind who seems to be eating chocolate while on the rag.

Anonymous said...

Found this link on CL ...

The Boston Tea Party

Basically a blog about political neocon's and conspiracy theorist whack jobs, some intetesting read but try not to take these baffoon writings serious.

Not Worthy Too Read said...

A Right Wing Nut Whinning about things and telling Liberals off .....


boo hoo factor said...

Ramblings of a lot of idiot Muslims from Malaysia

Syed Syahrul Zarizi

another farce in life- useless- dont waste ur time- dont go there

disappointed again said...

Hillbilly White Trash

URL --

Stupid ramblings of a political dweeb.
Not even any hillbilly pics or stuff .. blog title does NOT match Blog postings or use !!!

don't go there, another waste of Internet space by hot air morons.

more real estate bull said...


this is really a website run by a realtor named donald teel who pretends to have a pro consumer blog for real estate.

don't go there, it is a sales pitch
it is NOT a blog at all but a well constructed website with intent to deceive the public into thinking it is a blog.

rating --
worthless unless you want to deal with some idiot realtor

nyc review said...

Asian Babes

The Blog's upside - Good 1, post about sex with Asian Muslim Women: have you, do you want to, etc.
Some interesting stories of foreigners traveling to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

The Blog's downside - No Picture Images

a real man's blog said...

Great BLOG ...

Daily Hooters


daily pictures of hooters (boobs, tits, milkers, nipples) those things women have real men like to look at, touch, squeeze, feel, suck, pinch, and play with.

Anonymous said...


Really stupid Blog written by some idiot ass clown law student in India,
Again NO postings, nothing, just a waste of Internet space.

Don't bother going there, nothing ever good came from a lawyer or in this case a so-called lawyer legal wanabee.

The Internet Is Full Of Idiots said...

Bits and Pieces

Another totally wasted hot air do nothing unrelated to the Google Blog (con artist) title the blogger is using.

This is just some moron rambling about useless happenings in the world that no one gives a crap about.

I went there looking for info on 'Con Artist' and got bullshit, don't waste your time with this jackass.

It amazes me that people use a BLOG Title that someone could be posting important consumer alerts too for their own selfish ass stupidity.

an angry homeowner said...

Here is a BLOG worthwhile.

Post to It, especially if you live where there is a Homeowners Association (HOA):


I love this BLOG !!!!

Just Another Funny Guy said...

Just found this on Google, I love this BLOG;

The Daily Insult


Comments : Insults for ALL occasions. They are funny.
I highly recommend this Blog.

ideas on the run said...

The Daily Idea,
written by some jackass in NYC in 2005, no blog posting, no comment fields, what a waste of space ...


dont go there - useless

speak english said...

Here's another LOSER Blog -
Daily Politics

some piece of shit NO ENglish crap by some ass whit in the UK (London)

forget about it, a loser blog, written by a loser

like it i do said...

re, agree with a previous poster here -
The Daily Question and Answer
great blog - ask a question on any damn subject you get an intelligent answer, that is rare in today's society and even rarer on the Internet.

got to love life said...

here is a decent well done BLOG:

The Daily Drunk -

it's just what the title implies, stupid drunk people.
A daily picture and reflection of morons at their peak.

I love the blog, I look everyday to satisfy myself I am superior to these idiots.

More Blog Crap said...

Waste of Hot Air and Print -
Dirty Panties

went there, no pics, nothing, no profile, just some slut with a hotmail email address saying he/she sells dirty panties, even the comments are just a bunch of wannabee advertisers with a con game ego.

Don't waste time, BAD BLOG

finding mexican scum said...

Another LOSER, what bullshit ...
thought it was about 'panties'
nope, some dumb ass mexican blog in spanish.

dont bother wasting time on any filthy asshole who cant speak engllish and starts a blog about something not even related to url........

Anonymous said...

"Eat Pussy ???"

Just another piece of shit blog ... by some scum-bag Mexican ass clown.....no pictures, all Spanish, what scum licking twit shits.

Hate It, Never Go There People !!!!

more useless blah blah said...

Another lame ass Muslim Blog -
This one from Indonesia

trash islam talk, worthless as a wart on a witches behind

Anonymous said...

Here is a perpetrating Con Game in the disguise of a BLOG:

Blog Title -


Comments -
Don't click on the LINK, don't go there, don't do this!
Ignore this Blog !!!

O-tay 2 Loook said...

A New BLOG ...

Daily Sign Post


Seems interesting, just had it emailed to me.
We'll see if the blogger can keep up the postings as promised.
Worth visiting, some funny shit !!!

get my boots, the shit is deep said...

A Total Piece of Shit BLOG -

Has nothing to do with Jakarta Indonesia, just a bunch of stupid ass ads that are all con games - dont waste time, created by losers and idiots ...

Anonymous said...

I was looking into creating a Google Blog and they have New/Updated Blogs showing - here is one I clicked on:

Banned Toys

This is really funny, well worth going to.

The Manhattan Fiddler said...

Just emailed to me......

Banned Toys

I agree, damn funny, worth visiting.

Living In Sunny Arizona said...

Another IDIOT of the World Wide Web that thinks their opinion is heard or that anyone gives a shit what they say .....
BLOG Title:
Liberal Ranting Waitress Bitch's Blog
Blog URL,

Comments: The title says it all.
Useless bullshit babble of an idiot ranting about Liberal views trying to tear down America.
Real whiny garbage spewing from an insanity shit stirrer. This moron also is a regular poster to
CL R-n-R Boards
Don't waste your time going there !!!!!!!

A Reformed Druid said...

This pop up on Google search of Islam Images...

An interesting Blog by some Professor doing research on Religion and the cause and effects of images, i.e. cartoons, etc.

Try it out, I left a comment....
Images of Islam

Hi said...

Liberal Ranting Waitress Bitch's Blog


Useless, a dumb ass bitch whining in Arizona about politics and life, another halfass nut case wannabee and left wing uninformed slime ball liberal.

Constantly posting bullshit to craiglsist CL Phx RnR Brd.
Stupid is the word.

Summary - don't waste your time on this piece of crap unless you are a total morn.

Anonymous said...

re, Hi
thanks for the email link.
I agree that stupid ass poster LRWB is a dumb bitch, all she does is whine on craigslist rants and raves boards.

The Blog is.....
Liberal Ranting Waitress Bitch's Blog

the Blog address is......

What a loser, what a dumb ass. what a bitch.
Only a loser would go to that Blog of her's.
Then she is a loser, so losers, like CL posters flock together, especially the druggies, and liberals.

Anonymous said...

As reported on CNN Headline News today ...

Blog: Post A Secret

Blog Address: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

This is quite interesting.
A blog about people who reveal their dirty little secrets.
They actually mail this blogger a post acrd with their secret and he puts it up on this blog.

Recommended, entertaining, I like it.

Anonymous said...

More Liberal Useless Shit:
i am jack's non-blog

what a frigging loser, stumpled across this useless blog made by another dumb ass liberal in fantasy land.

mike in el paso said...

Here is more wasted space on the Internet, and these assholes are sucking up oxygen, put these low lifes too death........

blog title-
blog url-
Mexican blog about gays.
Scum at its best!

Anonymous said...

This Is A CON GAME ....
Never go to this Blog -

Get Free Stuff Online

They are always posting this on craigslist.org in every city under the 'Free Section' and it gets FLAG right away, because even the idiots that use craigslist know it's a con game.

just a viewer said...

Over on google blog spot and this came up....

Uses for Duck Tape

looks new, but is funny, worth taking a peek, the images are good.

J.J. in NYC said...

Great Blog, got to see this ...
My Sperm Deposit

this blog was posted on a CL RnR Brd. I visited the blog, it is great, lots of pics, the true story of one guy's experience going to a sperm bank.

Sammy V. said...

re, Great Blog
name -
My Sperm Deposit

I agree, just went there.
This is a great Blog. I recommend it for all guys to view. Lots of picture images.

Anonymous said...

Another wannabee sports fan's blog ...



Anonymous said...

More blah blah blah made by stupid people for stupid people at:


God, what a waste of huamn skin.

Anonymous said...

Another one of these piss wad blogs that promises to make you money at home or online...when is Google gonna shut these assholes down?


dont go here / there a waste of air !!!!!!!

I Recommend It said...

Mandarin Word Of The Day

If you're interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, the main language of China, this is a very good blog.

looking for an interesting blog said...

Very Disappointing Blog


No pictures, just some guy talking about himself.
Don't waste your time going too this blog.

looking for an interesting blog said...

Waste of BLOG Space ...

Blogs are getting worse.
Nothing here at all.
a total NO Show !!

looking for an interesting blog said...

More of nothing, what a waste of my time and Intrnet band with.


Some rolling piece of useless shit, NO PIctures.
WTF is it with these moron Blog creators?

looking for an interesting blog said...

WTF - The BLOGS just get worse and worse....

Girls and Guns

Here is some idiot looking for comments on the title of his blog. He calls himself ...pimpporn, that should tell you his mental capability.
Some of the Blog is in Spanish

Don't waste your time here, no pictures, just bullshit and hot air.

caught my eye said...

Just popped up on Google's newest Blog list ...

The Patton Doctrine

Great BLOG, a look at American Politics through a middle class American's eyes. Video and Pictorial driven, but not the usual rantings found in most Blog posting crap.
I highly recommend viewing this.
Informative and entertaining.

Colorado Gun Owner said...

Love this BLOG ..
Guns and Stuff.
The author just finished it.
Has something for everyone, if if you oppose guns, there is a forum list for subjects and debate.


Great BLOG, I recommend a visit.

Phoenix AZ Review said...

Found this LINKK on Phx CL RnR Board...

Blog Title........
Food Lovers Dream -Wine-Food-Health-Tips Guide-LifeStyle

Blog URL.....

Blog Rating......

Blog Comments.......
Mostly what I see is a lot of useless advertisements. Poorly done. Contents do not match blog title.

mikester in the mirror said...

re, Found this LINKK on Phx CL RnR Board...

Title -
Food Lovers Dream -Wine-Food-Health-Tips Guide-LifeStyle

URl -

I concur, I looked at it
It's a piece of shit, dont bother yourself going there!

Look morons when you post something on a rants and raves board such as craigslist in Phoenix AZ and ask people to look at it, dont expect great reviews if it's a crap job like this blog.

bang me hard said...

re, re - Found this LINKK on Phx CL RnR Board

Food Lovers Dream -Wine-Food-Health-Tips Guide-LifeStyle


I concur WTF what a waste of Internet space.
Created by and idiot just for idiots.

Worst Blog Ever said...

Here is a total waste of time and Internet space...

Blog Name: TW3111
Blog url: http://tw3111.blogspot.com/

Some total spaced out whack job created this blog with pictures of empty hamster cages.....WTF

Hay ass wipe, go take your meds !!!!

just passing by said...

Just at Googles Blog Spot Home Page and saw this blog flash up .....


Damn this is funny.
It takes a while to read, but it relates so well too where America has gone with its stupid ass rules and political crap.

I highly recommend it.
Great job, well done.

You Have Been Rated Poorly said...

Found this on the Phoenix AZ RnR Board, the blogger wanted a rating, so here it is ...

Rachel Duncan
The Baked Blogger

1 / - - The actual url address is ...

2 / - - it is hard to follow, as usual too damn many advertisements and it jumps around too much!

3 / - - The blog sucks.

4 / - - From the jest it is suppose to be some mother who rates things. Hey lady go back to being a mommy, because your blog sucks.
You comments suck.

Don't go there she is another loser wannabee.

an accidental viewing said...

Pretty Interesting Blog

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Stumbled across this looking for something else on Google.
Worth looking at.
I like the archives better than the current page.

Anonymous said...

to the owner of the blog

We Wont Take It Anymore

located at -

great title, I wonder when you are going to post something

The Mad Hater of Manhattan said...

Fulham Reactionary

Just another useless political blog from a complete fucking moron in the UK.

Don't even waste your time going there it is so bad it would make a rabbit dog puke.

the review is in said...

Yuck on this Blog as Well -

Taking On Moonbats One By One Since 2001

The music is annoying, the Blog is a political abstract the best I can tell.

Basic bullshit by a giant bullshit artist!

A Really Good Blog for Homeowners said...

Here is a great Blog,

Blog Name ...
Homeowner Association Rant

Blog url address .....

My thoughts ......
If you hate HOA;s like I do, this Blog is for you!
It has real stories and issues about HOA's, Property Management Companies, HOA Boards, etc.
Some of the Posters tell methods of 'How To get Even.'
I love it, 5 thumbs up.
Highly recommended.

Waiting said...

To - the owner of the BLOG -
Yo Mommy Jokes
located at -

I love these jokes, can you please post some YO MOMMY JOKES to your Blog as promised?

thank you

Wookies Rule said...

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign ......

You have got to visit this blog at:

The Daily Sign Post -

It's a BLOG of crazy signs posted daily from around the world.

Junk It said...

Just got this LINK to this stupid Blog from some asshole on CL ...
The only thing worse than the CL Poster is the moron that created this Blog ...


Don't waste your time, created by a moron for morons .. another useless waste of internet space.

Annie said...

Has some good ideas, but is poorly on quality control and tends to attract commenters who cannot read properly.


Anonymous said...

Commenting on a blog surfer's comment to the chocoholicmemoirs.blogspot.com:

Before you go and trample on other ppl's blogs automatically thinking it's possibly a muslim person, think again, other races and other religions do exist. You're not so different, if you can't post that up.

runescape money said...

how can you write a so cool blog,i am watting your new post in the future!

John Rambo said...

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